• When pre-riding, share the trail!  Be courteous to everyone... do you want this event to come back next year?  Then be nice and respectful.

  • Mandatory pre-ride for Stages 1 and 3.  This is a very technical race and this is for your own safety and for others as well.

  • At least one foot must be on the ground until the start. If you lift your foot before the blow of the horn or count of “zero”, you’ll be penalized 1 minute.

  • Starting early before the blow of horn or '“zero” grants you a penalty of 1 minute.

  • When racing, please be safe and race within your limits.  We are racing in areas with difficult access for emergency medical egress.  We will have medical personnel placed all throughout each stages and plan to be able to give onsite medical attention within 10 minutes.

  • Smile for the camera.  We know this is a hardcore, one-of-a-kind course to be racing.  That's why we are bringing the game to you and we are stoked to have each one of you racing our home trails!